D5.2 Multi-Parametric Behaviour Interpretation v1

This deliverable describes the current version of the behavioural interpretation framework of Dem@Care. The aim of the Dem@Care multi-parametric behaviour interpretation framework is to fuse information coming from a multitude of sensors and draw high-level interpretations regarding behavioural aspects of the person with dementia (PwD). The low-level sensory data analysis results are provided to Work Package 5 by Work Package 3 and Work Package 4 using as a common reference point the knowledge structures defined in D5.1 “Semantic Knowledge Structures and Representation” whereas information fusion is implemented in two components: Complex Activity Recognition (CAR) and Semantic Interpretation (SI). The CAR component focuses on extracting information relevant to the position, elementary and more complex states and activities of the PwD, by employing a hierarchical model-based approach that uses a generic constraint-based ontology language to describe the states/activities/events models of interest. The SI component deals with extracting information of higher abstraction such as complex situations, functional problems and summaries of PwD behavioural aspects of clinical interest by espousing a hybrid approach that combines ontology- and rule-based reasoning.
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