D5.1 Semantic Knowledge Structures and Representation

The purpose of this document is to describe the current content of the Dem@Care ontology and the methodology adopted to build it. First, the purpose, scope, intended users and uses, and the requirements of the ontology as identified at this phase of the project are described.
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Their specification has been driven by the WP2 functional requirements indentified for the three environments addressed, namely laboratory, home and nursing home, as well as by the dependencies incurring by the interaction with the WP3 and WP4 analysis components, WP6 feedback components and WP7 activities pertinent to information exchange design. Second, the relevant literature is reviewed, covering both state of the art languages for formal knowledge representation and existing ontologies covering domains and requirements relevant to those of Dem@Care. Third, the current status of the Dem@Care ontology is described, discussing the main entities it comprises and providing some quantitative metrics. Future work includes the extension of the ontology with inference rules to support the derivation of behaviour interpretations and with a model for capturing PwD profile data.

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