D5.6 Multi-Parametric Behaviour Interpretation v3

This deliverable reports on the third (v3) and final version of the multi-parametric behaviour interpretation framework of Dem@Care. More specifically, the deliverable presents improvements on the activity recognition algorithms from wearable videos, both in terms of scalability (execution time) and accuracy. In addition, a late-
fusion scheme for event recognition has been implemented that operates on low-level data and describes the semantic information of the scene (object, place, action recognition, and people detection & tracking) to a higher level complex event recognizer. The implementation of the knowledge-driven fusion framework is described, presenting extensive evaluation results, as well as we elaborate on the final Dem@Care ontologies. Finally, the integration status of all processing components produced in this entire work package and their respective usage in pilots are presented, summarizing the research outcomes to real-world applications.

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