D3.5 Physiological & Lifestyle Monitoring Early Fusion & Mining

Deliverable 3.5 provides the Dem@Care solutions for early fusion and mining. This covers physiological and lifestyle sensor data fusion, as well as early event processing. Complex Event Processing (CEP) technology has been proposed as good candidate for merging and extracting information from sensors and various other sources. In this deliverable we will focus on enhancements of this technology especially towards semantic reasoning and on its benefits for clinicians and doctors. Additionally, this deliverable finalizes the WP3 sensor algorithm development: Monitoring of physical activity is realized via a wearable wrist device, DTI-2, and combined (fused) with ’Smart Things’ sensor data for achieving exercise detection. The algorithms are described, along with test results from @NursingHome trials. Furthermore, WP3 has applied wearable sensors and the developed algorithms in all trials - @Home, @NursingHome and @Lab. Based on the data collected, this document gives now a comprehensive analysis of the results.
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