D2.6 Functional requirements and scenarios v2

This deliverable re-evaluates and updates the functional requirements outlined by D2.2 Functional Requirements & Scenarios v1 in a first step based on preliminary interviews and clinical experiences from the @Lab recording sessions, and expert evaluations described in D8.3 Initial Pilots Evaluation. Due to a delay in the completion and installation of the first prototype of the Dem@Care system the subsequent revision of the functional requirements has been delayed for each site as well. The functional requirements will be progressed within continuous evaluation activities. In this deliverable, requirements and scenarios for each main scenario (@Lab, @NursingHome, @Home) are
discussed, recommendations for the Dem@care team for speech assessment based on a literature review is described, and studies of cognitive stimulation and sensor wearability are presented, which also fed into the revision of the requirements. A table representing the priorities of the different functional requirements has been created in order to inform the order of further technical development.

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