D8.3 Initial Pilots Evaluation

This second interim deliverable details the updated methods, protocols and initial results for evaluating the acceptability and usability of the Dem@Care system. The current status of the pilots and evaluation activities are described in relation to the DoW. Following this, the current evaluation status for the @Lab, @Nursing home and @Home studies are described in depth. Due to a delay in the completion and installation of the first prototype of the Dem@Care system the subsequent pilot evaluations have been delayed for each site. The delay is addressed with longer and continuous evaluation activities, which at the end will result to longer periods than initially foreseen. In this second interim deliverable, research questions, recruitment, clinical assessment, system acceptability, initial results, updated methods and protocols are presented. Potential issues related to the evaluation of the Dem@Care system have been identified and highlighted as important areas for further exploration during the course of evaluation and iterative design of the system.
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