D2.5 Ethical Guidelines

The Dem@Care project will develop and evaluate a technical service that will benefit people with dementia (PwD), their family members, and professional carers. The cognitive impairments of the PwD add complexity that poses serious ethical challenges for the researchers. The ethical guidelines are based on the experience and reviews of literature and fundamental rights and standards that are relevant for the project. The guideline describes some specific ethical challenges for the project and guidance on how to deal with them. This includes the challenge of how to involve the PwD and their family member as active members in the R&D process and how to deal with the challenge of informed consent. The specific challenges of the three contexts for test of the Dem@Care system, the clinical setting, the home setting, and the nursing home setting, are also described. In addition, the ethical issues related to use of cameras, audio recordings, location sensors, and integration of sensor data are also described. Finally, guidelines on key ethical issues for field test personnel, researchers, and technical developers are provided.
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