Vispera Information Technologies has been founded in February 2014 as a technology company with a mission of developing human-centric computer vision applications in automated visual search. 

The company has a strong R&D focus as evidenced by the R&D track records of its team, which consists of experienced PhDs as well as MS and BS-level research engineers. Remote elderly care is one of the major niches, where Vispera aims at productizing the know-how and the R&D competence of its workforce. In addition to the industrial R&D expertise of its founder as well as its principal consultant, Vispera also has strong ties with national and international academia, actively collaborating with top research institutions such as Bogazici University, Sabanci University and Istanbul Technical University in Turkey. 

In Dem@Care, Vispera will continue the work of VISTEK and contribute to the development of the closed-loop for the person with dementia, building on its significant experience in this domain. Furthermore, it will lead WP9 – Dissemination & Exploitation and will promote and advertise the components of the prospective Dem@Care system to national elderly care facilities and private services, taking the lead in establishing a good exposure for the outcomes of the Dem@Care system.

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