Link Care Services SA (LCS)


The creation of Link Care Services (LCS) was inspired by two personal stories that are common today: the arrival of Alzheimer’s disease in two families – Richard Saccone’s and Laurent Hirsch’s – both distraught by a lack of information, support and most importantly, solutions. Some 250,000 families in France live the same story every year. These families are in similar distress and are also looking for ways to cope. They created LCS in 2006 to offer these families a solution.

LCS is the first to offer a solution that is perfectly adapted to Alzheimer’s disease and the complexities of people with dementia and their needs. The innovative service has been tested, studied and evaluated by professionals throughout the stages of the company‘s creation and development. The First Capital increase occurred in 2008, funding provided by Isource- Gestion, a venture capital firm for innovative businesses, and the second, in July 2009 to expand development countrywide.

LCS is now a 25 people company who develops and distributes solutions and services for Home and for Care Facilities thru the brand EDAO, to help the dependent people. LCS offers a specially designed monitoring service to assist dependent people and their caregivers. This computer-assisted video monitoring system takes over from caregivers for a few hours using software that automatically analyzes a person‘s behaviour and detects anything unusual.

In Dem@Care, LCS brings its expertise in the installation and operation of ICT, home- and care facilities-based, solutions for the monitoring and support of people affected by the Altzheimer disease. Specifically, LCS will contribute to the set-up and smooth running of the pilots, as well as to the assessment and measuring of the resulting impact and the effects on the associated dissemination and exploitation policies.

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