Dublin City University (DCU)


CLARITY, the Centre for Sensor Web Technologies, at Dublin City University (DCU), is an Irish national research centre that develops innovative new technologies towards improving the quality of life of people in areas such as personal health, digital media and management of our environment. CLARITY is a partnership between University College Dublin, Dublin City University, and the Tyndall National Institute (TNI) Cork. The overarching theme of CLARITY's research programme refers to harvesting and harnessing of large volumes of sensed information, from both the physical world in which we live, and the digital world of modern communications & computing. CLARITY brings the expertise of more than 100 researchers plus a management and administration team in areas as diverse as text and multimedia semantic analysis and searching, personal and environmental sensing technologies, wireless networking, distributed artificial intelligence and multi-agent systems. The group has taken part in previous and current EU projects including the FP6 Integrated Project aceMedia, the FP7 NoEs 3DLife and K-Space, and the FP7 Integrated Project AXES.

In addition to the expertise from the CLARITY centre, Dublin City University also brings in clinical and research expertise in dementia through the Memory Works clinic. Memory Works is a screening clinic aimed at identifying people with a pathological reason for their memory problems and those who do not. It is a patient-facing clinic that works on s self-referral or general practitioner referral basis and a referral hub to secondary services. Finally, the University’s Institute of Ethics contributes to Dem@Care by creating an awareness of the importance and role of throughout the project, of issues related to the privacy and confidentiality of any interactions with people with dementia or their careers. The Institute will develop ethics-related procedures (notifications, approvals, etc.), an analysis of ethical challenges, and development of key ethical principals for the project, in line with the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and European Standards on Confidentiality and Privacy in Healthcare.

In Dem@Care, DCU will lead WP2 – Requirements and Impact, bringing expertise regarding clinical requirements and ethical issues pertaining to the remote monitoring and management of people with dementia, and will also be responsible for the running of the pilots in Ireland. DCU will also address the lifestyle monitoring and analysis tasks, as well as for the lifelogging related research activities.

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