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The European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company is Europe‘s premier aerospace and defence player. In terms of market share, AIRBUS is one of the top two manufacturers of commercial aircraft, civil helicopters, commercial space launchers and missiles. CS is also a leading supplier of military aircraft, satellites and defence electronics. Within the EADS companies, CS (former EADS Defence & Security Division or EADS DS) is the defence and security pillar within EADS, driving the Group‘s development of integrated system solutions that meet its customers‘ needs for Network Enhanced Capabilities (NEC).

Within AIRBUS, the System Design Centre (SDC) performs Research & Technologies (R&T) programs intended to prepare and accompany the technological changes in the Security market. This mission of “technical excellence” led this entity to develop competences in many fields to satisfy its objectives: innovation in key technologies for our future systems and exploration of new concepts and application fields. The Information Processing Control and Cognition department gathers the expertise devoted to the data-processing techniques, the exploitation and handling of multi-source information, in particular Web technologies, and analyzes data (WebLab platform, text mining, knowledge management…) for various data processing tasks, namely: Acquisition of information, Filtering of information, Distribution of information, Analysis of information, and technologies of data fusion, from the sensor's raw data to the semantic level and to COP (Common Operating Picture).

In Dem@Care, AIRBUS will bring expertise in data mining and fusion techniques required for the early fusion of the multisensory observations preceding their high-level aggregation and interpretation, and will also participate in the semantic behaviour interpretation and profiling tasks. Given their long standing expertise in the development of integrated system solutions, AIRBUS will be also responsible for the overall system development and integration tasks, and will lead WP7 - System Integration.

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